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And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Revelation 12:11

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.  Matthew 10:8


During a Gospel Truck Crusade, Evangelist Deborah-Louise noticed a lady who was blind in one eye.  She called her over to speak to her and asked her if she would like prayer.  She began to pray for her eye and then one of the counsellors came over and was able to communicate with her more clearly in her native tongue. She actually wanted prayer for something else! She said she kept falling down so Deborah-Louise asked her was it epilepsy? She said, "Yes!"  Deborah-Louise began to pray against the spirit of epilepsy and the demon began to manifest!  She prayed over her, declaring The Word of God and the lady fell down and then began screaming louder.  A crowd started to gather and Deborah-Louise told her she needed to confess with her mouth that Jesus is Lord if she wanted freedom!  After a few minutes, she was completely delivered and threw her arms around Evangelist Deborah-Louise!  She was so happy that she wanted to testify but the team was getting ready to begin preaching again because a new crowd had formed.  She was asked to wait around and she could testify next time.  She waited another hour, heard the gospel, received Jesus as her Lord and heard the healing message and prayers again.

When it was time for testimonies, Deborah-Louise called her up on the stage, thinking she knew what she would say.  The lady began talking about her eye and to Deborah's surprise, she actually said she could see.  After Deborah prayed during the second service, the lady's eye opened.  With the help of her translator, Deborah-Louise tested her eye and she could indeed see! Praise Jesus.


In the middle of a busy market-place in Ibadan, Evangelist Deborah-Louise prayed for the sick.  When she called for testimonies, a man came forward to announce how he had been sweating profusely for 3 months and when Deborah prayed he could tell the sweating had stopped immediately and completely.  He also said that he had been suffering from anxiety and night terrors but he felt something leave his body when Deborah-Louise was praying! He had given his life to Jesus, the Gospel was preached and the perfect love of Jesus came in and cast out all fear.


On one occasion, when Deborah-Louise got off the platform, a young girl came up to her asking for prayer because she was deaf in one ear!  Deborah-Louise prayed a simple prayer and then asked her to block her good ear so she could test to see if she was healed.  The girl smiled and repeated everything Deborah said, even when she walked far away from her!  Evangelist Deborah-Louise asked her what was her name and smiled to herself when she said her name was Deborah too!


Whilst a fellow evangelist was preaching at an open air market place, a lady approached Evangelist Deborah-Louise to ask for prayer because she had diabetes.  Deborah-Louise prayed for her and then went to the van to get an invitation to invite her for the Great Gospel Crusade happening in her city that week.  When she returned to give her the flyer, she was beaming with joy and Deborah could see a new radiance on her face.  She said that before prayer, she had been dizzy and her eyes had been blurry, but now she could see clearly and had no dizziness. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hallelujah!


At one Gospel Truck outreach, Evangelist Deborah-Louise witnessed a crippled man walk, climb on to the truck, cry tears of joy and dance for Jesus. He had not been able to walk for 20 years but the power of God was present to heal him and he will never be the same again.


One lady who attended the M16 Evangelism Conference testified that she had been suffering with breathing problems after having COVID.  The Doctor gave her an asthma pump to help her breathe but after Deborah-Louise prayed for her on the Friday night, she noticed she had been healed and could breathe normally again and no longer needed the pump.  Praise God!


Whilst out walking around London city with some friends, Deborah-Louise went into a coffee shop at Trafalgar Square to use the bathroom.  But God actually had a divine appointment for a young lady in that cafe.  Evangelist Deborah-Louise noticed a tall, beautiful lady propping herself up at the counter. She was extremely drunk but they shared the Gospel with her and told her how much Jesus loved her.  At first, she was not receptive because she has been an orphan since she was 13 and she was angry with God for 'taking' her parents, but her heart quickly softened as they shared about Jesus: she burst into tears and fell on her knees in the cafe, in front of everyone, and cried out to The Lord.  It was so beautiful and such a pure, strong, genuine repentant heart and encounter with God!  We must not judge anyone or where they are at in their journey of life because God reaches down into the miry clay and sets the captives free.

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