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First Missions Trip to Uganda, 2016
Giving gifts to the children of West Nile village, Arua, Uganda
Tororo FML Church
FML Arua, West Nile, Uganda
FML Camberwell, London
FML Jinja, Uganda
FML East Dulwich, London


Behind the Scenes

Deborah-Louise was born in Northern Ireland but always had a desire to work, and perhaps one day live, in Africa.  She was born again on October 31st 2010 and The Lord then directed her steps to work and live in London for nine years.  There, she received the healing and deliverance from The Lord Jesus Christ that she needed to live the "life more abundant" He promises in His Word.

Deborah-Louise was invited to travel to Uganda on her first ever missions trip in 2016.  She conducted teacher training and attended the Gospel meetings where she got a feel for missionary work first hand.  She then returned to Uganda in 2017 by herself and conducted further teacher training, gave out clothes and toiletries in a rural village and preached the Gospel in three churches across Uganda.  She was later ordained as an Evangelist in 2019 and her passion to tell people about the same Jesus Who set her free continued to increase.

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Deborah-Louise completed the Modular A School at Ellel, Glyndley Manor, UK.  Here, she received Scriptural and practical training on various subjects to prepare her to minister effectively under the leading and inspiration of The Holy Spirit.

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Evangelist Deborah-Louise

In 2021, Evangelist Deborah-Louise attended the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp at the CfaN Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  Here, she received intense theological, ministerial and practical training for mass crusade evangelism as well as ministering to the one.  Christ for all Nations is the world-renowned ministry of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke who saw 75 million souls saved and won for Jesus Christ.  Evangelist Daniel Kolenda now directs the ministry and was given a vision from God of a “Decade of Double Harvest”, meaning in just 10 years, the members of the CfaN Evangelism Alliance will collaborate to see another 75 million documented salvations and disciples made.  This vision has already begun to be accomplished through multiplication of trained evangelists.

While Evangelist Deborah-Louise was at CfaN, she had a vision of Ireland being washed in the blood of Jesus and after several encounters with The Holy Spirit, she knew The Lord was calling her back to her home country to equip the church and help restore unity in her home land.

CfaN Graduation and Ordination
CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Testimony Interview Practise
Kids' Crusades
Gospel Truck Outreaches
Kids' Crusades
Gospel Truck Outreaches
Gospel Truck Outreaches
Certificate of Graduation and Ordination
CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp Fall 2021
Decade of Double Harvest
CfaN Evangelism Alliance
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October - November 2021

After the CfaN Evangelism training, the students were launched out into the mission field to preach the Gospel at kids' crusades and on Gospel trucks.  In three weeks, they conducted 1033 Kids’ Crusades, 601 Gospel Truck Outreaches, 79 Openair Outreaches, 64 Market-place Outreaches, 20 Village Outreaches and 15 one on one encounters.  Evangelist Deborah-Louise's small team of just four saw over 8000 souls receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour in just three short weeks.

During the three week initiation trip in Nigeria, the whole Evangelism Bootcamp team saw a total of 239,903 documented decisions made for Jesus!!

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Evangelist Deborah-Louise was privileged to be a part of the third Evangelism Bootcamp and to be personally trained by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, alongside the world’s elite evangelists, preachers and worshippers.  For the first time ever, the initiation trip ran alongside a CfaN Flagship Crusade.  Evangelist Kolenda believed in the Evangelism Bootcamp students so much that he personally asked for them to come and minister healing at the crusade alongside him.  Deborah-Louise describes this as the honour of her life to walk up on that stage alongside Evangelist Kolenda in Ibadan, Nigeria, and to go and pray for the sick.

The next day, during the largest ever pastors’ and leaders’ fire conference, Evangelist Kolenda also called upon all of the Evangelism Bootcamp students to disperse amongst a crowd of 150,000 ministers to lay hands on them for a fresh impartation of the fire of God upon their lives.  Evangelist Deborah-Louise is in awe, to this day, at how mightily God moved during this time - she has not seen anything like it before!  

“Praise The Most High God - it was so awesome and beautiful and I loved every minute of it.  I would like to personally thank Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for entrusting us with these privileges.”

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Evangelist Deborah-Louise is an ordained minister of the Gospel with Christ for all Nations, is a member of the Christ For All Nations Evangelism Alliance and the Global Evangelist Alliance.  She also partners with CfaN's vision of 'Decade of Double Harvest' - a collaboration to see 150 million salvations.

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